Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lazy or Crazy???

I just saw a guy I used to play basketball with, he's riding his bike home to Toronto from Brampton 35km. I suddenly feel like a lazy bum!

Well I plan on setting up my weight set in my garage tomorrow, now I have motivation. There is a fitness room at my work that I use regularly. I also have a YMCA membership which I do not, but my kids do go for swimming lessons. I hope that despite my schedule changes I will be able to get regular workouts between my three options.

Me and my buddy Scott are planning on entering a 10km race in October so I will be definitly trying to run a lot over the next month. I live close to my work so I will ride my bike to work, weather permitting.

Hopefully that will take me from lazy to crazy!


Well my Sundays are about to change!
I have been working Sundays since last November when I started my current job as a transit bus driver, but during my next crew (8 weeks of work) I will have Fridays and Sundays off.
This should be better for spending quality family time. There was a trade off for getting such great days off, I work evenings from 5:30pm until about 2 am! So I get sundays with the family and not really any other days. Oh well in 8 weeks it'll be something new.

I'll say I've been down lately and have no good reason. My wife Julia has been ill, but otherwise I have been doing well. I have become an official full-time Transit Operator and will now have benefits and vacation time. I had been a temporary operator, as is the process to get to full-time. I will have spent a year basically on probation. So work is going well.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


So this is my Blog. Not much to say right now. I'm trying to get the mobil blogging started, we'll see how that goes.